07/01/2015 IQMobile 2014 Update


IQMAX will be installing an update to its SaaS production environment on 07/01/2015.  This update will provide the following enhancements:

  1. Additional Sound options for Notifications
  2. Improved In App Notifications, including toasts.
  3. Notifications Settings has been renamed to Notification Escalation Rules
  4. Notification Escalation rules now support a repeat operation
  5. The Notification Escalation Rules, Unread Messages rule type has been renamed to Unread Conversation Escalation
  6. The Notification Escalation Rules, Unread Important Message rule type has been renames to Unread Important Conversation Escalation
  7. Added Notification Received Rules settings section to allow for notifications on received events, such as message received
  8. Added the ability for Email notifications to be delivered as plain text for devices that do not support html.
  9. The auto created push notifications option on initial login now targets the message received rules not escalation rules
  10. General UI improvements have been made to the Notification Rule setting section allowing for better creation, and editing, as well as ordering of the rule items.
  11. Added push notification disabled detection to the login page on supported device types (iOS and Android.)
  12. Added Notification Shared Delivery settings section to allow for shared contact delivery management
  13. Added the ability to Disable Notification rules granularly or for the entire rule type for Escalation, Received, and the Shared Delivery Notification items.
  14. Added the ability to change the mobile client label available from the About settings item.
  15. Fix for Android 5.0+ scrolling issues in certain screens.
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